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Welcome to the jamilmaroun.com / jimmaroun.com website operated by author Jamil Maroun. As used in these Terms of Use, references to the "jamilmaroun.com website" shall include "jimmaroun.com." In addition, the use of the term "reviews" shall also include the term "comments."


Acceptance of Terms of Use:

Each time you view, access, use, or interact with the jamilmaroun.com website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Use, the jamilmaroun.com policy, and to accept notice of posting the new terms via the jamilmaroun.com website on which you accessed these terms, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. By viewing, accessing, using, or interacting with the jamilmaroun.com website you will be deemed to have irrevocably agreed to these Terms of Use.

At its sole discretion, jamilmaroun.com may modify these Terms of Use from time to time. You agree to be notified of changes to the Terms of Use via posting of updates to the jamilmaroun.com website. Your continued viewing, accessing, using, or interacting with the jamilmaroun.com website constitutes your acceptance of any changes.

By viewing, accessing, using, or interacting with the jamilmaroun.com website, you warrant that you have the legal capacity to enter into the agreement set out in these Terms of Use. If you are not of sufficient age to legally be bound in contract, you must ask your parent or legal guardian for permission to use this website and your parent or legal guardian agrees to supervise and accept full responsibility for your behavior and actions on the jamilmaroun.com website.

The jamilmaroun.com website is a blog type website for author Jamil Maroun to promote his books. Visitors are encouraged to post positive, supportive reviews. The jamilmaroun.com website is not a debating platform or a public forum. Anyone posting a review agrees their review will not infringe or violate someone else’s rights, violates the law, are defamatory, libelous, or violate the legal rights of any person or entity. Furthermore, anyone posting a review agrees not to post any reviews, images, or videos that the user doesn’t have the legal rights, copyright, trademark, ownership, or written permission to use. Reviews are created by website visitors. Jamilmaroun.com does not take responsibility or assumes any liability for the content created by website visitors.

Any Review posted on the jamilmaroun.com website may be publicly visible, used in marketing materials, including email, flyers, books, various media advertisements, as well as shared with other websites. If you do not wish to share this information then do not post a review.

Account Security

In order to post a review on the jamilmaroun.com website, you have to register and create an account. An account requires a name, username, password and valid email address to facilitate the account activation process. You agree to provide your real name when signing up for an account, and agree not to create a user name that impersonates any living public or private persons that is not yourself.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the password you use to access your jamilmaroun.com account. You agree to immediately notify email address of any unauthorized use of your password, account or any breach of security.

User Accounts

You agree that by creating an account on jamilmaroun.com you are being given a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable, personal, and non-transferable right to use the jamilmaroun.com website for posting a review. You agree that your creation of an account on jamilmaroun.com does not provide you with any property, proprietary, intellectual property, ownership or monetary interest in jamilmaroun.com merchandise or books.

Account Deletion

If you choose to delete your account, send an email to email address.

Grant Limited License

You hereby acknowledge and agree that every time you post a review on the jamilmaroun.com website that you are granting jamilmaroun.com including without limitation, its licensees, affiliates, successors and assignees, a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, publicly display, modify, sublicense and distribute such review. You represent and warrant that you own such content or otherwise have sufficient rights to the content to be able to grant to jamilmaroun.com the foregoing license without infringing or violating the rights of any third party. You agree you will not receive any compensation of any kind for your review. You agree that jamilmaroun.com  its licensees, successors and/or assignees shall have no obligation to give you credit for your reviews.

Member Conduct and Acceptable Use

By visiting or accessing the jamilmaroun.com website, you may be exposed to reviews that you may find offensive, objectionable, politically incorrect, inflammatory, or violates your personal beliefs and values.

You agree you are responsible for the content of your reviews on the jamilmaroun.com website and you agree to the following rules:

  1. Your review may not threaten, abuse, harass, demean, direct profanities at, or invade the privacy of any other member of jamilmaroun.com or third party, including public figures, government and private institutions, and public companies.
  2. Your review must be lawful and appropriate. You agree not to create reviews that are libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, or violate any legal statutes. Furthermore you accept complete liability for your reviews and agree to hold jamilmaroun.com harmless and defend jamilmaroun.com for any and all costs associated with your review.
  3. Any reviews must be yours, and you agree not to post any reviews that infringes the rights of any third party, including without limitation, patent, trademark, copyright, right of publicity or any other proprietary rights.
  4. You agree not to collect information about other users of jamilmaroun.com in violation of our Privacy Policy.
  5. You agree not engage in any unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, bulk email, chain letters or any other form of unauthorized solicitation of jamilmaroun.com users.
  6. You may not use the jamilmaroun.com website for any unlawful purpose, or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
  7. At the sole discretion of the jamilmaroun.com administrative team, if your review is found to be in violation of the jamilmaroun.com Terms of Use, and/or Privacy policy, your review will be removed and your account will be deleted.
  8. We may immediately suspend, limit access or features, or terminate the rights we grant to you, for any or no reason, at our sole discretion, without notice or liability.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms of Use , the Service including, but not limited to, alleged violations of state or federal statutory or common law rights or duties (a “Dispute”) shall be solely and exclusively resolved according to the procedures set forth in this paragraph. If we are unable to resolve any Dispute through informal means, either party may initiate binding arbitration of such Dispute. The demand for arbitration shall be made within a reasonable time after the Dispute has arisen, but in no event shall it be made more than one year from when the aggrieved party knew or should have known of the controversy, claim or facts forming the basis of the Dispute.

The arbitration shall be initiated and conducted according to the American Arbitration Association Consumer Arbitration Rules (the “Arbitration Rules”). The arbitration shall be conducted in El Dorado County, California before a single neutral arbitrator appointed in accordance with the Arbitration Rules. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the arbitrator shall not have the power to award indirect, punitive, special, or consequential damages against any party. Arbitration costs and fees shall be determined in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and applicable law. Each party shall be responsible for paying its own attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses, regardless of which party prevails, but a party may recover any or all of its attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses from another party if the arbitrator, applying applicable law, so determines.

No Dispute may be arbitrated on a class or representative basis and the arbitrator may not consolidate or join the claims of other persons or parties who may be similarly situated. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator, if any, may be entered for enforcement purposes in any court having jurisdiction thereof. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS, EACH PARTY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ITS RIGHT TO PRESENT A DISPUTE IN COURT, RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL, AND ANY RIGHT IT MAY HAVE TO JOIN CLAIMS OR DISPUTES WITH THOSE OF OTHERS IN THE FORM OF A CLASS ACTION OR SIMILAR PROCEDURAL DEVICE.

Governing Law

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. 


 In the event that any of the provisions in these Terms of Use be held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portion hereof shall remain in full force and effect and such a provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible so as to effect the intent of the parties and shall be reformed to the extent necessary to make such provisions valid and enforceable.

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