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Jamil "Jim" Maroun's



In early childhood, Jamil was introduced to God, taught to be good, not sin, how to pray, and that God was everywhere, listening, watching, and waiting for us to reach out to Him. Jamil took his introduction to God to heart. With little to no church indoctrination, Jamil reached out to God regularly, laying down the foundation for what would turn out to be an incredible relationship with God.

When God opened Jamil’s eyes to the injustices in our world, Jamil stepped up and pledged to honor God by being a force for goodness, doing the right thing, and striving to make this a better world for all. God took Jamil up on his offer. At a time when everyone was trying to monetize the internet, God began blessing Jamil with numerous technology-based businesses. Despite being a technology visionary and innovator, Jamil lacked the programming skills, funds, and resources to bring his numerous visions to life. Blinded by his faith in God’s plan, it would be more than a decade before Jamil realized he wasn’t a failure, but nefarious forces had plotted against him. At the lowest point in Jamil's life, when he was defeated, and all hope was lost, God stepped in, intervened, and compelled Jamil to tell the story about his life and incredible relationship with God.

After eight years, Jamil is finally ready to share with the world his life story and the details of his incredible relationship with God, and the visions of the world God has provided Jamil with. Jamil hopes his life and experiences will resonate with others who believe in goodness, overcoming evil, doing the right thing, and making this a better world for all, and inspires them to be the heroes needed to defeat evil and evolve humanity.

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