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A signed paperback copy of Heroes Wanted: The Screams of Children Have Not Fallen On Deaf Ears. Sold by the author and taken from the author's stash.

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Jamil Maroun on 04-09-2024 07:41 PM
The following is from an email correspondence with one of the first people to read my new book and reach out to me:

Hi Jim. Much of your book resonated with me. I, too, am building my relationship with God daily. I saw myself in numerous areas of your book. I totally understand you couldn’t describe the horrors those poor kids go through. I’ve worked in the criminal justice system for over 20 years…and I, too, have been in tears not only hearing the victims speak but listening to the horror and suffering they went through. Your book is truly a journey and like I said, I felt like we were just having a chat amongst friends as I was reading it and I like that style of writing. I appreciate authors that reach out to their audience.
Have a great day!

Author's Note: Eight years of my life have just been validated. What an incredible, humbling, feeling.
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